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Triple 'A' System:

  1. Analyzing

  2. Automating

  3. Archiving

About Us

Vision Statement

PBS-Prudence Bookkeeping Systems® vision is to ensure all product and service providers conduct their passion, and have confidence that their financial records are accurate.


Three Part System

Is PBS's Mission Statement: mission is procedural binding structural relations that provide analyzing, automating, and archiving—for retention—service to startups, entrepreneurs, as well as nonprofit & small business owners who seek betterment for their clients.



An analysis of the client’s raw data such as bank statement, general ledgers, and purchase order receipts are queried to ensure that an Accounting Information System can be created by auditing the data to compile information into QuickBooks, SAGE MIP Abila, SAP,  Quickens and etc. However, most client have improper books, which need auditing to ensure their systems works.  

Computer with Graph


After the analysis of the data, the proprietor categorizes the Chart of Accounts and selects the proper AIS based on the industry/segment, then culls the raw data onto the automate bookkeeping system.

Most savvy business owner select to maintain QuickBooks online to see the transformation of their books; but for more robust books desktop is preferred. 



The client is given an automated copy of the bookkeeping systems of their choice: QuickBooks desktop or online, PBS, or other AIS, (but not limited to listed), and educated on how to manage, update, use, and store their financial records.

Mostly PBS is hired to managed all accounting needs on monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The procedural is to gain knowledge of the small business or nonprofit organization needs for financial records in an automated fashion. These record are then retain for taxes the managers & owners, board of directors or lending firms to view and analyze its financial position.

The binding process is combing through the data to create proper and usable bookkeeping records. In doing so, upholding policy & procedurals, rules & regulation of the General Accepted Account Principles, (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards, (IAS) or International Financial Reporting Standards, (IFRS). 

The structural relations is binding the procedures of analyzing, automating, and archiving raw financial data to create a database that then culls and produces a product for usefulness in making financial decisions.

The return of financial reports for reviewing and client's records per Month-end Close, Q1 XXXX - Q4 XXXX, and Year-end Close.

Three Part System


  1. The procedural to gain knowledge of small business or nonprofit organizational needs for financial records and analyze its financial position.

  2. The binding of data to create proper and usable bookkeeping records, which use compliance and regulation standards.

  3. The structural relations are the creation of the proper AIS from the audited or raw financial data into useful bookkeeping systems.



I can't say enough good things about Prudence. She has far exceeded my expectations for this project. Her technical mastery of QuickBooks combined with her accounting knowledge and work ethic have made her invaluable to me and my company. This project is closing because the cleanup is complete, but I will be using Prudence for regular bookkeeping services from now on.

Daniel Rothell, Mechanical Designer

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